Our Expertise

Our team of consultants combines expertise in transportation engineering, enforcement, attitude research, behaviour change and systematic evaluation techniques.

We provide specialised and comprehensive road safety and transportation consultancy services primarily in the following areas:

Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering

Transport sustainability and the reduction of environmental impacts of transport systems is an important consideration for both private and public sector transport operators and regulators. The main aim of transport planning is to develop a cohesive and integrated transport network which provides for all road users and includes strong elements of public transport (buses, rail, taxis etc.), travel demand management, provision for the last mile travel whilst utilising the right technologies.

At 4E we have the right expertise to provide specialised transportation services that include:

  • Transport master planning
  • Traffic engineering
  • Transport feasibility studies
  • Transport impact studies (TIS)
  • Transport policy and legislation
  • Parking design and management

Non-motorised Transport Planning

4E understands that the planning and design of sustainable infrastructure that is conducive to walking and cycling is vital for the development of places for people and connecting our communities. Our staff have carried out studies developing cycle and pedestrian networks to provide safe and comfortable trips within communities and integration with main transport hubs. Our experts do not just plan and design new infrastructure, but also advise on enhancement, re-use or optimisation of existing infrastructure, which is consistent with the principles of urban sustainability. We provide:

  • Pedestrian and cycle network planning
  • Non-motorised transport integration studies
  • Last mile design and studies
  • Public transport connectivity
  • Pedestrian and cycling safety studies

Road Safety

Road traffic collisions are one of the leading causes of death in the region, particularly among young people. Pedestrian and non-motorised road users represent approximately a third of the road fatalities. Provision of a safe transport system for transport users of all ages and abilities is a significant objective of private and public sector transport providers. It requires a multidisciplinary approach that 4E has successfully demonstrated in road safety related projects in many different countries, including:

  • Road safety engineering, spanning the various stages of road infrastructure planning, design, development and operations
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Road safety policies
  • Road safety education
  • Road safety training on defensive driving, collision investigation and analysis, Road Safety Audit and safety improvement design
  • Work zone traffic management
  • Road safety enforcement
  • Collision data management, analysis, modelling and evaluation (before and after studies)
  • Collision hot spot (black spot) and corridor safety studies
  • Post-collision investigations
  • Road safety strategies and action plans
  • Incident Management

Our Clients